​Thank you for allowing me the amazing rewarding job of photographing your family.
Here are some helpful tips to make sure our time together goes smoothly.  Please be sure to follow the tips as closely as you can. I am always here to answer any questions you may have! 

Belinda x

What to wear?

For inspiration on what to wear to your session please view my Pinterest board 

For Dad: I suggest light coloured jeans or chinos and solid coloured top.
Plain off white, cream, light blue or grey t-shirt, knit long sleeve top or even casual shirt untucked with the sleeves rolled up looks great!

For Mum: If you have a summer dress or a top that you love and would like to wear, I encourage you to bring it, it is your session so you can wear what you like!

I personally love soft floral prints, feminine, delicate, floaty and whimsy style of maxi/midi dresses on a mum as it seems to compliment my style and the mood of the images and is also very forgiving at the same time.
Another great option that photographs well is white skinny jeans and light/neutral/pastel coloured floaty blouse.

Have a think about your hair and makeup. There’s no need to go overboard here, but a little special touch here and there can go a long way in creating stunning portraits.

Tips:  Please avoid being super matchy with outfits but rather mix and match 2-3 colours that compliment each. Start with mum: Pick out your all-time favourite outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars (or treat yourself to something new) and use your outfit to guide your choices for the rest of your family.

You can just as easily start with someone else in your family that you already have an amazing outfit for, and go from there.

  • Think Smart, Casual and Comfortable!
  • Light to mid-toned, neutral or pastel colours photograph best for all family members
  • Soft small delicate floral prints photograph lovely on mummies or little girls, textures such as linen or lace, light denim and anything with movement such as midi or maxi dress, skirts & pretty blouses.
  • Iron and hang your clothes…wrinkles don’t fade in photographs
  • Please avoid wearing black and bright colours, stripes, logos, graphics and stiff business shirts
  • Mum please make sure that your nails are fresh clean and tidy, as your hands will be in a lot of photographs. Please also avoid wearing fake tan.
  • Don’t stress about footwear as we won’t see your shoes in the photographs!

Not sure where to shop?

I highly recommend that mum takes a look at the following online stores if she is after a beautiful maxi or midi dress: St Frock, Hazel + Folk, Coven & Co, Petal and Pup, Kivari, Gingham and Heels, Baltic Born, The Iconic, ShowPo and ASOS. I would also recommend looking in these local stores for mum/dad and children: Seed Heritage, Witchery, Forever New, Barkers, Country Road, Zara, H&M, Max, Cotton On, Kmart, Just Jeans, Jamie Kay, Karibou kids, Arabella & Rose, Bambinos, Nature Baby, Two darlings.


For little ones: For babies, less is more. They are simply too beautiful to cover them up from head to toe!
Neutral and light colours work best, a simple nappy cover, cute little romper, bodysuit or dungarees would look great!
Check out my Pinterest board for ideas!

For older kids: A pretty dress for girls and light coloured jeans and a top for your wee boy is perfect!

Please do not worry about foot wear, children will be photographed in bare feet in studio

Please make sure your child’s face and hands are clean. Clean away eye gunk and boogers
Please clean away any nail polish, stamps, felt tip pens, dirty nails etc
Please make sure you child’s clothing has no logo’s or graphics as these can tacky in photos.

What to bring 

Please only have with you those being photographed at the session. Your session allows just you guys: parents and kids. It does not include extended family beyond that (unless you made a Group Family Session Booking).

Please don’t have anything with you that you need to carry (I’m the one who ends up having to carry it). Leave handbags/sunglasses and phones in the car.

A bribery for the kids might be a good idea also!


What to expect at your session

Prepare your kids in the normal way you would before a shoot (bribes are generally mandatory) and I urge you to connect with them and play with them as much as you can. A lot of kisses and cuddles too please. Please don’t worry about your children’s behaviour, and try if you can to avoid scolding them too much unless whatever they are doing poses a safety risk to themselves! Silliness is good. All I ask is that you relax, enjoy the time together and leave the rest to me.

If you are going to try and help me get your child to smile, remember to stand right behind me so I get good eye contact. Otherwise if you allow me to entertain them, that’d be even better.
Any hints you can give me to help your child open up quickly would be appreciated (e.g. favourite Skylander or Frozen character!) I’d love to know as much about you as you’re willing to share.

Your children will determine the flow of the session.
Whilst I know that it can feel like the pressure is on to get the perfect images it really helps if you relax as much as possible. Children can sense when their parents are getting stressed and simply won’t perform. I have a lot of experience with children; I have two of my own as well as working almost exclusively with small children in the studio for the last 5 years, so I will pull out every trick in the book to engage with your little one and get the best out of them.
If you are having a family session and are in the picture yourself, please try to remember at this time to look at me with a relaxed expression, rather than trying to engage your child. I’ll pull the silly faces and act like a clown if necessary as no-one is going to be taking my picture!

I don’t use props or gimmicks – my style is natural and relaxed.
I am photographing you and your most favourite people in the entire world. I don’t have high expectations of you knowing what to do either, I will guide you and make it seem seamless.
My biggest aim is to evoke those emotions you have for your partner and child(ren) and capture it for you, almost like bottling it up, and giving it back to you to open up forever and a day.
You may not even realize on the day what I’m getting – all I ask is that you trust and leave it to me.
The images will be real, something you and your children and your children’s children will appreciate for many years to come.



With weather, I don’t make a call until between 4 – 24 hours out from the shoot. Forecasts can change and a rainy morning can ultimately be a ripping afternoon, so we’ll talk closer to the date.

Sick kids (or you for that matter?) Don’t do it. We’ll reschedule. Yep, you might have gotten your hair done, bought the clothes, arranged a million things to have this time free. But it’s not worth it. I’ll be really flexible and work something out to lock in another date. (Please make sure you give me 24hours notice)


After The Session:

I aim to have your gallery delivered to you 2-3 weeks after your session. You will receive an email from me with a link to your password protected online viewing gallery which you are welcome to share with friends and family. Your gallery will be live for 7 days. During this time you be able to choose your package and select your images you wish to purchase.. Payment for your chosen package is due on the day your gallery expires.

It is my hope that you come to my session feeling comfortable

I am truly honoured to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and I look forward to getting to know you and your family!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



Belinda x